Most parents want their kids to grow up making wiser choices, building stronger relationships, and developing a deeper faith. We believe that two combined influences in a child’s life make a greater impact than just two individual influences. So we partner with parents, coming alongside them to make a difference in kids’ lives that last a lifetime.

Through exciting Sunday morning kids’ environments, shared experiences for parents and kids to have fun together, and resources with simple steps for parents to connect with their kids at home, we’re here to help you win as a family!



Age:under two years

Sundays @ 10am

This very first phase of your child’s life is a time you can help him/her to know God’s love and meet God’s family as we embrace their physical needs in a safe place.

Important Information for Parents & Guardians:

Parents/guardians must sign in/out in the room each Sunday.
We use a security tag system for babies & toddlers. Mark diaper bags, bottles, cups, etc. with your child’s name. Keep sick kids home for their and other’s health. We want to make your child’s time with us comfortable and enjoyable, so please share with the Small Group Leaders anything they need to know about your child from week to week.


Age: 2 to 5 years-old (including transitional kindergarten)

Sundays @ 10am

In the preschool phase of your child’s life, we engage their senses, incite wonder, develop their confidence, and take a first look together at their Heavenly Father and His love for them.

We help them to know these 3 Basic Truths:

  • God made me.

  • God loves me.

  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Important Information for Parents & Guardians:

As soon as your preschooler arrives on Sunday morning, they’ll jump right in with some fun activities that will set up what they’ll be discovering from the Bible story that day. Each month has a new theme relevant to a preschooler’s world. With their Small Group Leaders, all preschoolers will head to the Clubhouse, our preschool large group room, to sing and dance to worship videos, and watch a very engaging Bible story video that’s preschool sized. Then it’s back to small groups for games, crafts and other fun that will help them continue to discover the Bible story truths in ways they can understand.


Age: Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Sundays @ 10am

In the elementary phase of your child’s life, we engage their interests, encourage their efforts, and motivate them with fun.

We help them to know these 3 Basic Truths:

  • I need to make the wise choice.

  • I can trust God no matter what.

  • I need to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Important Information for Parents & Guardians:

For all grades, creative activities reinforce one clear and simple big idea each week, so kids can walk away and remember what matters most.

Kindergarten - 3rd grades start the morning in their small groups by grade with activities that pique their interest while setting up that week’s big idea. In large group, all K-3rd groups come together to unpack the month’s theme, hear more about the big idea, participate in upbeat worship music, then dive into a Bible story video as the morning's focus. Then it's back to small groups where more fun activities will help them understand what they need to know at their age about God's One Big Story.

Preteens (4th & 5th graders) have a cool and comfy room just for them. This is a special time in their lives, so we've set up learning God's truths through funny YouTube-style Bible teaching on video, crazy games and questions each week that stir life and faith discussions for their age (boys and girls in separate groups for safe conversations). 



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