Community is vital to the health of any church.  The City is a communication tool to help us better serve and disciple each other as we continue to grow in our church community.  The City allows you to easily find a ministry and/or volunteer group to join.  It helps you stay current with real time news and upcoming events.


  • FCC's private online community
  • Our primary tool for communication
  • A secure and easy way to give online

The people and groups in The City are mainly the people and groups who attend our church. Every part of The City is designed to lead our church into deeper community with tools that build connection and encourage growth as we share the light of Jesus with each other and the world. 

The site you’re on right now ( is our public website which is sort of the front door of the church or maybe the foyer. The City, on the other hand, is like the family room, a private website that is where our online community happens. The City is for those who consider First Christian as their church to communicate with each other, share prayer requests, plan stuff, share opportunities to serve, and more. You can click The City link on the bottom of the homepage to get into the login to The City.

Is The City Just Another Social Network?

No. Popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter are geared toward individuals and for MASS communication. Instead, The City is geared toward groups and the needs of the local church. And, whereas Facebook targets users with commercialized advertisements, The City flows private church communication to members of specific groups. If Facebook and Twitter are "ME" spaces, The City is a "WE" space for FCC. Think of it as a 21st century version of a church pictorial directory with an "energy boost".

Do I Have to Join The City?

You're welcome to just come to FCC on Sunday mornings and enjoy worshiping together with us, and you obviously don't need The City to do that. But once you decide you're ready to make friends here and want to get involved in giving, serving and growing with us... you definitely want to join The City.  The City is how we communicate and connect when we aren't gathered. 

Is The City Secure? And Will the Things I post on The City be Kept Private?

You need an invitation to join The City, and then you will need to sign in each time to use the website. And while it is possible for the staff and leaders to post things publicly on The City Plaza, the vast majority of things will be posted privately and will not show up in search results returned by Google. This makes The City a safe place to do things like share a prayer request with your friends and small group.

Will The City Overload my Email Inbox with Unnecessary Information?

It can. But you are in complete control. You decide. Avoid information overload. Get only the information you need... when you want it. NOTE: Set your communication for DAILY DIGEST. That will give you a daily email only on those days when something is happening in your City groups. Setting your setting to "nothing" out of frustration doesn't help.

Why Do They Call It The City?

There’s a big vision behind The City, and it comes from the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:14-16. It’s a vision of technology being leveraged to help the Church live as a city set on a hill, shining the light of the Gospel to the whole world.

Can I Share an Email Address with My Spouse?

No. Unfortunately each user account on The City must be tied to a unique email address, and The City simply won't allow two accounts to share a duplicate email address. Because The City is based on groups (and group membership) and because many of the groups in The City are gender-specific, no two people will belong to the same groups. We don't even expect couples to belong to the same groups! Note: The only way The City can provide users with a personalized experience is by having a unique email address based on the individual groups that the person is in. If a couple shares an email address, it is recommended that one of the parties use the current email address and the other person create a separate email account so he/she can maximize their experience in The City. Several good, free email options are available (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), and we will be glad to assist you in setting up a new account, if desired.

To join The City, please click on the link below.  You will be sent an email invitation.