This Week - One Life Rally

Hey Parents,

This Wednesday is the annual see you at the pole day prayer event. Students@First is taking this day on and praying over our families, schools and communities. We are living in a different time in regards to culture, faith and tolerance. We know that as followers of Christ we are called to love, not because He loves us but because He loves all. The best way to start to show that love is to pray, seeking His guidance, protection, peace and will to come over all. Let’s all get out this Wednesday and gather together to pray and ask Jesus to heal our hearts and everything around us.

We have an incredible opportunity to come together with other churches here in Napa that Wednesday for the “One Life” Rally at Hillside Church. This is where we will celebrate and share how we were able to pray that morning and gather together as one body of Christ. It is a chance to meet other students from our schools, neighborhoods and teams or groups that we may have never known that they live and seek Jesus as we do. There is great strength, comfort and support in knowing that we are not alone.

Students@First will meet directly on the Hillside campus for the One Life Rally. Please drop your student off on location (100 Anderson Rd. Napa CA 94558) See you there!

Pastor Adrian