Parent Cues

Hi Parents!  Take a moment to think about this statement …
Instead of imagining WHAT you want your child to become when they grow up,imagine WHO you want them to become.

Every Sunday morning our staff and volunteers create amazing environments and coach kids to help them grow up God’s way.  But … church is the secondary source!   God has placed parents in the high valued role of primary faith leaders of their kids.  For many reasons when we say what happens at home is more important than what happens at church… we mean it!  And we would love to partner with you and equip you in your role.

So where to start?  The difference can begin with one small step at a time. Choose one thing each month that you will commit to as a parent to make an investment into your child’s life as you draw them closer to a relationship with Jesus.

Here are three ideas:

1.  Bring your kids to church.  Sounds simple, but helping them consistently attend, connecting with the same friends and small group leaders is big.  It will help to form life habits, let them get an idea of what it means to be a Christ follower through hearing and watching their small group leader, and be with peers of the same age who also are growing in their relationship with Jesus.

2.  Talk about what happened on Sunday during the week.  Use the monthly Parent Cue pages to cue you in to what they discovered along with great activities and questions to have God Time at home together.  The Parent Cue pages for babies & toddlers are really Mom & Dad pages.  Ahava Valley (preschool) and Larger Than Life (K-5th) Parent Cue pages include the monthly theme, the memory verse, each week’s Bible stories, and bottom lines (or teaching points) to go along with those stories each week.  There’s a really cool Parent Cue App available for iphone, ipad and android that will keep you up to date! 

3. Come to our family events.  Don’t miss this window of opportunity in your child’s life to do something outrageously fun with them as you build family memories – it will be worth every moment!