June Orange Slices


School's out for summer!

Hi Parents!

Stash those backpacks and lunchboxes!  Bust out the swimsuits and pool noodles!  It's summer!  Not officially on the calendar until June 21st, but as far as families count, when school's out, it has begun!

I think one of the trickiest things to do as a parent in summer is to find a good balance between fun, active days and complete idleness.  I tried my best to let my kids be kids in the summer, while keeping up some routines like chores, reading, and time spent with God.  Some summers involved family road trips or plane trips, others just a few 3 day weekend excursions or several day trips.  But I sure loved the less structured, more relaxed days. Oh, and popsicles... the freezer was always stocked!

One thing that was always important to us as a family was making sure Sunday mornings were spent in community at church (for our kids' sake and ours), followed by a picnic lunch - sometimes at a park, sometimes in the backyard, sometimes fully made by our boys ... we had some interesting meals, especially when they decided huge ice cream sundaes were lunch!  That's what you get when you put kids in charge.

Making memories.  Making what matters most matter most.  I encourage you to start your week with us at FCC every Sunday you're in town, putting a family emphasis on praising Father God, connecting with others, and discovering ways God can direct your summer steps.  Not only will you be investing in your kids' faith, but you'll be making a deposit in yours as well. Rather than feeling depleted, you'll be ... amped!  

And don't forget ... 1 worship service on Sundays now at 10:00!  I can't wait to see your family!  

Praying for you and cheering you on,
Jan Hanson
Kids & Families Director