April Orange Slices


Hi Parents!

Regardless if your to-do list is written down, on your phone, or in your head, no doubt it's long. Do you have a special formula to determine what gets priority on your list?  I mean, all things on that list are important or you wouldn't have added them.  But do all things have the same value or urgency? 

Just before writing this note to you, I got every single thing crossed off my list.  Woohoo!!  That means I can freely go have fun on our FCC family hike with you on Saturday, celebrate Jesus with you on Sunday, head out with my husband Brad on vacation to visit my Mom, and having finished up all that a new month with Kids@First entails I know that everything is ready for the Sunday in April while I'm away... and wonderfully covered by our amazing Coaches and Small Group Leaders, I might add.

I almost crossed one item off my list because it was getting a little sketchy if I'd finish it all.  I knew she'd understand.  But God prompted me, and I'm so glad He reminded me to make her a priority!  I meet with a young mom in our church, mentoring her through a great book study called "Living In Jesus", laughing, praying, sharing life, and drinking way too much coffee.  If we had to wait a few weeks till I returned from my trip, it would have been ok.  But then God reminded me of the word "priority".  I chose to bump her up on the list even though there were still quite a few other things still left to do.  But it comes down to what matters most.  And you know what?  Somehow it all got done.  It. Is. Finished.

Those same words are painted across the cross in bright red ... It. Is. Finished.  Jesus paid it all... all the punishment for our sins, the stripes for our healing, the empty tomb for the reminder of our life with Him in heaven one day.  So simple. So profound. So life changing. 

Love the quote above ... "100 years from now the only thing that will matter is someone's relationship with God."  What are you placing as high priority for your to-do list as a parent that have to do with what matters most in your kids' lives?  It's not easy, but oh so worth it... because it's a matter of eternity.

Let's keep the celebration of Easter going... it wasn't just a day, it's a relationship!  Jesus is alive!

Praying for you and cheering you on,
Jan Hanson
Kids & Families Director