July Orange Slices

Hi Parents!

We're quickly approaching the halfway point of summer... How did that happen?  I'm not sure if you're an "I love summer!" kind of parent or a "Can't wait till summer's over" kind of parent, but either way... It is what it is! There are ways you can make summer work for you, especially when it comes to being a faith leader to your kids. 

In fact, below I've included some links to some faith based parenting blogs that you might want to click and read. If you're like I was when I was raising my sons, you want all the resources you can get, and then prayerfully sift through what works for your family.  There are enough Pinterest fails out there... why set yourself up for a faith family fail?!  Do what works.  But try something.  Don't let summer slip by without being intentional when it comes to what matters most.  

Be sure to join us this Sunday, July 2 for Intergenerational Worship... The whole family together for worship!  And then check out the other stuff below for what's going on, coming up and ways to spur on your family's faith at FCC!

You know, every Sunday it's my honor and joy to watch the connections made with your kids and people who love Jesus, care about kids and want to provide a place for them to belong.  It's a big deal to us... Because it's a big deal to Jesus!  So we partner with parents to build faith in the next generation. See you Sunday?

Praying for you and cheering you on,

Jan Hanson
Kids & Families Director