May Orange Slices

Hi Parents!

Grand faith adventures ... did you catch that in the quote above?  Even though I like adventures, I prefer to know how the plan will unfold.  Like where I'm going, what the journey will be like, how to avoid any pitfalls along the way, how long it will take to arrive ... you get the point. 

When it comes to guiding our kids in a grand faith adventure, it means going through things together with them that may not be what we planned.  But it's also when and how we can best demonstrate our trust in God.  His plans for our kids are way bigger than anything we can even imagine.  God designated parents to be kids' spiritual leaders, to help them navigate life, phase by phase, so they can discover their purpose and place in God's Big Story and, as the quote says, have fulfillment so they can truly live. 

Parents, the good news is you're not alone.  Our Kids@First volunteers love Jesus and care about kids. We call them Small Group Leaders for a purpose.  They're not "teaching" your kids the Bible.  They're partnering with you, creating relationships with your kids and saying the same things you are.  Two combined influences in kids' lives, with one end in mind, leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus ... a grand faith adventure.

Be sure to check out what we have planned for your family coming up.  Join us in May on Sunday mornings for our parenting sermon series -- invite another parent who might need some encouragement and direction.  Bring your kids to our summer kickoff on June 4, a shared family experience calledFamNite Live for dinner and lots of laughs together, all free.  Again, bring along another family to join you!  And if your 5th grader will be heading off to middle school in the fall, don't miss Family Cafe to help make it a great transition.

The grand faith adventure can be a great group experience.  Whatcha think?!

Praying for you and cheering you on,

Jan Hanson
Kids & Families Director