April Orange Slices

Hi Parents!

Next steps.  When you have a little one who is just learning to walk, it's amazing to watch their discovery process.  They quickly learn that if they put one chubby little foot in front of the next, over and over, it propels them forward into a whole new world, all through baby steps.  Sometimes, they see how far away Mom or Dad is and think they can't get from here to there and they give up, plop down and shed a few tears.  Sometimes they think they can make it in a few steps really fast, but then take a tumble head first. But then they climb back up and begin again. And have you seen how fast and sure they go when they're holding your hand!  Learning to walk at first takes a while to get to where they want to be.  But forward motion will happen by taking one next step, and a next, and a next.  And one day they go from toddler to walker!  And then, look out - a runner!

As Christians, our relationship with Jesus is often called our "faith walk".  And like most people, you've probably done some one step at a time trusting in God.  And some falling down. You get back up, and put one chubby foot in front of another. Maybe you want to be further along but you're not.  And maybe there are tears.  Maybe you've stopped walking.  Or gotten off the path for one reason or another.  You might have no idea what the next step is or how to take it.  And your next step is most likely not what someone else's is, so don't be looking at them, comparing.

Want some good news? Any time is a great time to take a next step.

I recently heard this:  progress = effort + direction. If you desire progress in your relationship with Jesus, but you're not sure what your next step is, or know what it is but not sure how to take it... would you like a little help?  How about for your kids and their walk with Jesus?  How about beginning with a conversation.... coffee, lunch or another time, or even just by email.  Let me know.  I enjoy watching your family go from learning to walk to running into the open arms of Father God... on e step at a time.

Praying for you and cheering you on,

Jan Hanson
Kids & Families Director