March Orange Slices


Hi Parents!

Daily routines can be great for kids, helping to form good habits.  Routines also help kids know what to expect and creates security.  Doing the same things in the same order and way can be beneficial with a lot of things ... from getting ready for school in the morning, to doing homework, to bedtime. 

But for parents, it's easy to get lost in the monotonous day to day routines with kids. Sometimes it feels like you just hit the pillow at night and it's time to get up and rolling again.  Making sure your kids eat their veggies, brush their teeth, set up good study habits, have playtime with friends... and on and on. It's hard to not wonder sometimes, "Am I doing this right?  Is it making a difference? Is anything I'm saying or doing helping my child grow?", especially if you can't see the growth or change.  And especially when it comes to their relationship with God and their faith life.

Many years ago, when I knew even less about growing flowers in my yard than I do now, I had one plant that no matter what I did to care for it, it never grew.  It came with the house when we moved in.  I didn't know what it was let alone what the flowers would look like. The plant was alive - it was green and healthy looking, but no flowers, no new growth.  I watered it and it soaked it up.  I added some plant food.  But it never got any taller, never budded.  I wondered if I should keep tending it or just stop.  It was a little frustrating.  But I kept at it.  All of a sudden one day... boom!  I went outside and there were bright red flowers exploding all over that little plant.  It wasn't until later I learned that flowers bloom at different times in different parts of the country.  Who knew?

While kids and flowers are very different, they're also kinda the same.  In parenting, some days are hard.  Other days are really hard.  You can't always see results to know if what you're tending in your kids' lives is making a difference.  Routines, while good, can get in the way of being able to step back, watch and wait, really look. I love the quote above ... "Being a good parent is hard. In the short term, there's not a lot of glory to it. But if anything is worth the effort, it's your children."  

Keep at it, parents!  Keep planting seeds of faith, watering them, caring for them.  We're here every Sunday to partner with you.  And get ready.... there will be those days when... boom!  You'll get to experience something amazing in the lives of your kids!


Praying for you and cheering you on,

                                             Jan Hanson
                                 Kids & Families Director