February Orange Slices



Hi Parents!

It's February already ... the month of LOVE!  Try walking into any store and not bump into pink & red hearts, candy, flowers and giant stuffed animals.  Where did we go off course thinking that buying things = love.  Or that one particular day out of 365 is "the" day to show love.  And why do we toss around the word love so freely, as in "I love chocolate!"   Hmmmm. 

I may not know the answers to those questions, but I do know this.... God was the first to show us love. If we say we love God, it's only because He said first that He loved us.  His love was demonstrated when He sent His Son Jesus to the cross ... for us.  If you doubt God's love for you, just think about the cross. 

When we say we love God, then we should also love others... because God loves us.  When my kids were little I remember singing with them a fun song that went "God's love is like a boomerang... you give it away, it comes back again!"  It's also kind of like a game of tag, but love has to include tag backs! 

Here's another incredible truth.... God IS love!  In other words, His character is love, it's who He is.  He can't not extend His love to us.  Regardless.  We can't do anything to make Him love us any less... or any more.  Amazing. 

Your day (or your week or month) might not be going the way you had hoped.  But there's one thing you can count on.  God loves you.  And He loves your kids even more than you do.  Take some time this month to read 1 John 4:7-21.  Then go play a game of tag with your kids to explain God's love... with tag backs!

Praying for you and cheering you on,

                                             Jan Hanson
                                 Kids & Families Director