October Orange Slices


Hi Parents!

It's that time of year.....  colored leaves and lots of delicious fall flavored coffees and teas. And the color ORANGE everywhere!  A perfect time for me to remind you why we love orange at FCC!

God designed parents to be their kids spiritual leaders, primarily because of the relationship factor. No one has more influence in a kid's life than their parents.  We assign FAMILY a RED HEART because it reminds us of love... unconditional parental love.  And God's plan is for parents to share His love and His character with their kids.  But let's face it, it's easier said than done.

God also has a plan for the church.  So we assign CHURCH a YELLOW LIGHT, shining the light of Jesus in our church, in our community and in the world.  It's a light that highlights community and belonging.  We've got the resources and tools for parents ready and waiting.

RED + YELLOW = ORANGE ... it's family and church together making an impact in the lives of the next generation. If we're on parallel paths, doing our own thing but not partnering together, it also means we're not combining our influences in kids' lives.  And that's a miss.

We provide high quality environments and fun activities every Sunday morning for kids - from babies to preschool to elementary grades.  The best resources we have though are the 50+ volunteers who have said YES to the next generation.  These are adults and teens who love Jesus and care about kids. And they want to partner with you by beginning a conversation on Sunday that you can, with the take-home cues we provide, continue the conversation during the week.  Because what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.  Yes, you read that right. 

In order for kids to grow an every day authentic faith, parents have to be intentional at home in conversations with matching actions.  Is it always easy?  Well, no!  That's why it's important to decide to consistently provide a community of faith for your kids, and yourself, to get the conversation started and the tools you need. 

We know you have a lot of options of things to do on Sunday mornings.  And many of them are good options. Is that decision easier or harder than which fall flavored coffee or tea to order?!  Because that can be a tough one!  Make choices to widen the circle of influence in your kids' lives.  We hope to be part of your faith community and growing relationship with God this Sunday!

Praying for you and cheering you on,

Jan Hanson
Kids & Families Director