Orange Slices

Hi Parents!

     I'm not sure what I'm most thankful for now that fall is here... pumpkin flavors, leaves turning gorgeous colors, cooler air on the way, or just a few moments to catch my breath.  How about you?  Maybe you're just thankful you have new school routines almost worked out.  Or you're looking forward to our Kids Night In/Parents Night Out coming up... woo hoo!  
     Fall always seems like a waiting season for me.  As a parent, fall feels a bit like pushing your kid off on their bike for their first solo ride... and then you run after them for a bit, and then ... you stand back and wait. Similarly, school has started, you make sure your kids gets rolling, and then you step back (don't forget to breathe!) and then wait... until the next thing.  Because if you're like most parents, you live life jumping from one peak moment or event to the next. And don't look now, but there have already been Christmas items appearing on store shelves!
     But what if.  What if while we're waiting for the next big thing for your family, you intentionally put yourself in a time out. No, not the lock yourself in the bathroom kind of time out.  We have not one, but TWO time outs for parents coming up! 
     One is a Parents Night Out!  You need that, don't you?  We encourage you to work on a relationship.. with your spouse, other adult family members, your friends... or just a quiet evening working on your relationship with Father God.  You choose, we take care of your kids, and everybody wins.  See below for all the details!
     The second time out is one in which you can connect with other parents, pray with and for each other, discover exactly what is going on in the phase of life your kids are in, learn more about making every week count, and hear our hopes and dreams for this next generation and our plans to partner with you.  It's called Parent Cafe.  If you have an elementary age kid - or a younger age kid and you want to discover what's coming up in the next phase - check out the info below and then come join me.  I promise the coffee will be hot, the conversation will be lively, and the company will be exceptional... because you'll be there!  (And watch for the Parent Cafe: Preschool Phase coming up in January!)
     Now, go plan your time out!

Praying for you and cheering you on,

                                             Jan Hanson
                                 Kids & Families Director