Families@First Events


Sundays - Nursery-5th during each service (8:45 & 10:30am). Age groups/grades for Kids@First over the summer will remain as they have been through August 13.

July 2 - Watch for details coming soon, but you won't want to miss this Sunday as we "close down" Kids@First environments, and your family joins the whole FCC family to worship together!  Join us for an opportunity for intergenerational worship for all ages!

August 20 - Orange Day! Kids will all move up together to their new groups.  We use the same cutoff dates as the school district, their age/grade on 9/1.  Look for more info on this fun family day soon!



Midweek - Every Wednesday 7-8:30pm - Middle and High School Combined. On break for Summer.

June 21 - Summer Slam for High School only. Lake Day - Lake Berryessa, 10 am to 4 pm. Lunch is provided. Cost is $10 for all the food and fun you can handle. One piece swimsuits and appropriate swim trunks.

June 28 - Summer Slam for Middle and High School. Capture the Flag Outdoor Extreme! 5-8:30 pm. Meet at Westwood Hills Park. Dinner provided.

July 10-15 - Summer Camp High School only. Sometimes you’re caught off guard. Life is going the way it’s supposed to go, you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and you know all the right answers to all the right questions.  AND THEN …

The unexpected happens, and you realize nothing is what you thought it would be. Join MOVE in 2017 as we look at several stories from the life of Simon Peter and see what kinds of “AND THEN …” moments Jesus might have in store for you.

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July 19 - Summer Slam for Middle School only. Wipe out - Sonoma Spring Lake 9 am-3 pm. All day admittance $10 student, $15 adult

July 26 - Summer Slam for Middle and High School. Scavenger Hunt 5-8:30 pm. Dinner on us! Meet at Century Oaks Park.

August 2 - Summer Slam for Middle and High School. Bigger and Better BBQ. 5-8:30 pm, Century Oaks Park.

August - Summer break! Students@First takes the month of August off. See you in the fall for our kickoff into the new year!

September 6 - Fall Kick Off for Middle and High School. Meet at FCC at 6 pm for pizza and info. $10 per person.