About Kids @ First

Hi families!

Did you know that we’re all a part of God’s Big Story?  And at Kids @ First we love to partner with parents to help kids discover their part in His story.

Because at FCC we we’re all about families, you might first connect with us through a family event or be invited by another family to join us on Sunday morning.  Or maybe you always wanted to try church or get back to it.  Whatever connecting point brings you to FCC, it’s our hope that FCC feels like home to you, a place where everyone in your family can connect and grow with God and others.

There are lots of things we could do to fill up your family’s schedule, but instead we want to be very strategic.  Our kids’ ministry is really family ministry.  And that’s why at FCC we’re livin’ orange!

What do we mean by LIVIN’ ORANGE?

We assign the color RED to represent the unconditional love of family.  YELLOW represents the light of Jesus Christ in our community of faith here at FCC and shining out into our community. When we combine these two influences in kids’ lives, the result is ORANGE … a wider circle of influence that can help shape and determine the direction of their lives.

Parents, because we recognize that no one has more influence on your kids’ lives than you, we want to partner with you to help you to guide your kids in learning more about their Heavenly Father and into a relationship with His awesome Son, Jesus Christ!

We start by going all out on Sunday mornings to create great experiences in age appropriateenvironments for kids – for babies through 5th grade –that will draw on the elements of wonder, discovery and passion so kids can …

  • see God for who He is - encounter
  • see themselves the way God sees them - grow
  • and love others the way God does - serve

We provide a monthly take-home page for parents called Parent Cues to help you bring the conversations we begin with kids on Sundays right into your home during the week.

And there’s an awesome resource for you… The Parent CUE app!  It provides simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.

The content changes weekly in the Parent Cue App because it synchs directly with what your kids – preschool and elementary ages – will be discovering when they join us on Sundays.  You’ll find videos, songs, stories, activities and conversation starters … all to assist parents in helping their kids to connect the dots between church and home. 

We love to host family events that create opportunities for kids and their parents to    connect — within their own family, with other families, and with God.  It’s a great opportunity for you to do something fun with your kids, meet other families, and invite your friends!

We hope you’ll come join us and see why FAMILY is a important to us at FCC!

Jan Hanson, Children’s Director
Phone: 253-7222 ext 231